First Champagne Fritter-bar Restaurant in Japan

We serve more than 20kinds of ingredients with 『four UMAMI』.

Please enjoy a healthy and tasty fritter with sparkling wine.

Our food is based on Italian which we arranged into Japanese style. Our favorite fritter is offered in the best cooking method to the ingredients. We also put effort into classic Italian dishes such as pasta and grilled dishes.

Sparkling drinks only...

Champagne, Spumante, CIDER, and Sparkling Sake. Enjoy sparkling drinks from around the world.

Sparkling drinks such as Champagne have an image as special day drink.

As you take a look at delicate bubbles, you'll be naturally excited.

 I constantly had a desire to make such a wonderful drink "Champagne" more enjoyable to various people. Especially young customers can not enjoy it with ease, as high-class images are ahead. So, it is the concept of this shop "Champagne × Fritter" style that was born from the idea of ​​combining dishes that can dispel the special feeling possessed by champagne in a good meaning.

We use traditional old private house in Kyoto as "Machiya Restaurant". It has a refreshing appearance and atmosphere is refreshing in refurbished old house.

The first floor is based on white and a long, wide Cantar seat. (14 seats) On the 2nd floor, we will prepare a small room with digging up and a private room where you can sit up to 8 people, making use of the old private house as it is. Small rising can be used for sitting up to 24 guests as well as for banquets. While speaking with the staff at the counter, lively, In the second floor seat take off your shoes and relax with a table seat which is spacious. . We are preparing seats according to your usage scene.

Store appearance

​1st FLOOR Counter 14seats

2nd FLOOR 4Tables 24seats

2nd FLOOR a Privateroom for 8people


〒600-8082 京都市下京区高倉四条下ル高材木町221‐4

​TEL 075-353-0385


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